Retro Bridge offers a unique and secure way to bridge assets, bypassing the need for smart contracts and their associated risks.

Moreover, when it comes to liquidity, Retro Bridge utilizes its own resources rather than relying on user funds.

In our commitment to prioritising authentic security measures over marketing efforts, we had an independent audit conducted by @BezuglyiE, a distinguished authority in the web3 security field

This decision highlights Retro Bridge preference for an independent audit and the focus on real security over promotional considerations

Find the security audit report at the link below:

Recently, RetroBridge has also integrated PeckShield's advanced Security Monitoring Service to safeguard its hot wallets operating across multiple blockchain networks. This strategic implementation allows RetroBridge to vigilantly oversee and proactively prevent any unauthorized movements of liquidity, enhancing the security and integrity of its financial operations.

Simply put, we have taken every measure to ensure safety and we've made the entire experience seamless for you. We handle the risks, letting our users stay worry-free.

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