🚰Multichain Faucet

The Multichain Faucet offers a solution for developers and enthusiasts to acquire testnet tokens across various emerging blockchain networks. This service aims to alleviate the common issues of congestion and delays found in traditional single-chain faucets, thereby enhancing user experience and facilitating early-stage network exploration.

Key Features:

Access Multiple Testnets: Users can easily obtain tokens for different emerging testnets, allowing them to participate in and explore new blockchain environments from their inception.

Ease of Use: By resolving the typical congestion problems of emerging chain faucets, our Multichain Faucet ensures a smoother and quicker process to receive testnet tokens.

Support for Development Activities: The faucet is designed to aid developers to build, test, and refine their protocols on various testnets without the need for multiple faucet interactions across different platforms.

Faucet Tokens through RetroBridge Mainnet: Users earn Faucet tokens by completing bridges on the RetroBridge Mainnet. For each completed bridge action, a user receives three Faucet tokens, enabling them to claim tokens from any supported testnet faucet up to three times.

Faucet Tokens via RetroBridge Mainnet:

Users can earn Faucet Tokens by performing bridge transactions on the RetroBridge Mainnet, with each successful transaction awarding 3 faucet tokens. These tokens are crucial for accessing testnet tokens through our Multichain Faucet, allowing users to claim up to three times from any supported testnet network.


Daily Claim Limits: Users are restricted to three faucet claims per day across all networks. This limit ensures fair access and token distribution among all users.

Network-Specific Claim Interval: Claims on any single network are restricted to once every 24 hours. For instance, if a user wishes to make multiple claims on one network, they must wait 24 hours between each claim.

RetroBridge Testnet Bridge:

In addition to the Multichain Faucet, users can also take advantage of the RetroBridge Testnet Bridge. This feature allows them to utilize the tokens received from the faucet to interact and bridge assets between different testnet networks, further supporting their exploration and development activities across multiple blockchain environments.

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