🧮Advanced Bridging

Advanced Mode offers a robust solution for users to perform seamless transfers from a single source network address to multiple destination networks and addresses.

This feature operates without the utilization of smart contracts and is based on a direct transfer function. Users send funds to our concentrated liquidity on the source chain, after which we validate the transaction and distribute the users assets to the specified networks and addresses from our hot wallets on each chain.

Utilizing the transfer function, which is among the most cost-effective operations on the blockchain, helps to keep transaction fees low.

Execution Modes

Fast Mode

This mode executes multiple bridging orders rapidly, processing up to 50 bridges within a span of 5-10 minutes.

Due to the high load this mode imposes on our infrastructure, an additional fee may be applied.

Sequence Mode

In Sequence Mode, multiple bridging orders are executed with intervals ranging from 5-15 minutes between each, thereby reducing the load on our infrastructure and avoiding performance bottlenecks.

Sunrise Journey Benefits

Users who have completed the Sunrise Journey and possess a Sunrise NFT are eligible for discounts when using Advanced Mode. The Sunrise Journey enriches user engagement and provides exclusive benefits to loyal users.

Advanced Mode is tailored to enhance the bridging process by offering efficient, cost-effective, and user-focused transaction methods across various blockchain networks.

By choosing between Fast Mode and Sequence Mode, users can optimize their transfers based on urgency and cost considerations.

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