💵Fees & Limits

Bridging Fees

In Retro Bridge, we employ a transparent fee system, charging a flat rate of $2.5 per bridging transaction.

Furthermore, for successfully completing the Journey quests in each phase, users will be rewarded with unique soulbound NFTs, which will provide substantial 30% discount on bridging fees within the added directions in each phase.

The ownership of these NFTs will reduce the standard bridging fee from $2.5 to $1.75

This ensures predictability and fairness for both the platform and its users.

Retro Bridge interface prominently displays the exact commission rates, with no hidden or added during transaction fees, fostering clarity and trust.

Bridging Amount Limits

This is a temporary measure to ensure consistent operations and avoid any potential liquidity shortage.

  • ETH: A consistent limit of 1 ETH is set for all networks.

  • USDT & USDC: These limits are dynamic, fluctuating between $500 and $1000, contingent on our prevailing liquidity allocations.

Bridging Timing

The duration for processing a transfer bridging transaction is generally around one minute.

However, this timeframe can fluctuate slightly due to the varying frequencies of block generation on different blockchain networks.

The difference in how each blockchain processes and confirms transactions influences this timing.

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