Retro Bridge has a phased roadmap towards decentralisation, structured in distinctive phases named Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, and Midnight. Each phase significant step in expanding our product and community reach, with a particular focus on new developments and opportunities.

Sunrise Phase:

Marks the beginning of our product launch, introducing the community to initial functionalities. Key developments in this phase include EVM Networks Expansion and Ethereum L2 Networks Expansion, setting the stage for broader technological integration and capability.

Midday Phase:

Focuses on extending the product's reach beyond its initial scope, particularly through Non-EVM Networks Expansion. This phase drives toward enhancing user experience and fostering greater community engagement, by broadening the product's capabilities and reach.

Sunset Phase:

Signifies the maturation of the product, characterized by the launch of the Cross Chain Swap. This phase involves fine-tuning existing features, consolidating community feedback, and preparing the product for a more integrated and comprehensive ecosystem.

Midnight Phase:

At midnight, RetroBridge is set to unfold into something entirely new, entering a realm of total autonomy. What lies ahead is whispered about but remains unknown, stirring a wave of excitement about this transformative leap.

Within each phase, we introduce "Journeys”, which consist of quests that users can embark on, exploring the updates and most significant functionalities specific to each phase.

For a more detailed overview of Journeys, please visit the section below:

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